“Unfinished Dream”- Interview with A.J.R. Charitable Foundation Ltd.

To fulfill someone’s wishes is such an attractive idea, especially in today’s world where sufferings exist, it can ignite a lot of hope in people. A.J.R. is unique in a way that the founders are very human. By being human, what we mean here is that for each application to A.J.R., the founder will personally study, and follow up with visits to share and express their care. This kind of personalized care not touches those in need, but also us the social workers. It allows us to witness genuine care.

We will be interviewing the founder of A.J.R. foundation, Dr. Chu Chor Lap and one of the Directors, Dr. Chan Chung Yee. Let’s listen to their sharing and inspire us to be a dream weaver and spread the message to more people in need.
-Wong Man Shun, Elderly service supervisor of Caritas (Interviewer)

-Dr. Chu and Dr. Chan (interviewee)

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