Sponsorship for Mr. YU Chi Wah for PET scan

Sponsorship for Mr. YU Chi Wah for PET scan

Date: August/ 2015

Sponsor Activity: Sponsorship for Mr. Yu Chi Wah for Dual Tracer PET scan in HK Sanatorium Hospital.

Fund Sponsored: $14,340

Detailed Information:

Mr Yu, aged 46, has divorced and has lost contact with his two children and ex-wife for 10 years. Mr. Yu used to work as a Dim Sum Chef, however, due to his sickness he quitted his job for a period of time. Now he relies on CSSA for livening.

Mr. Yu is suffering from Hepatocellular carcinoma. According to his Doctor, the nature of the retropertoneal lymph nodes needs to be defined before any appropriate treatment would be made. So a Dual Tracer PET is necessary. Mr. Yu is recommended to use the PET service in private hospital by his doctor as this service is not available under Hospital Authority.

Luckily with AJP’s help, Mr. Yu was sponsored with a total of $14,340 for the PET Scan