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Home Maintenance for the Elderly

Home Maintenance for the Elderly

Date: 04/2008-02/2009
Sponsor Activity: Home Maintenance for the Elderly
Fund Sponsor: HK$29,985

Detail Information


A.J.R. has kindly funded T.W.G.Hs. Fong Shu Chuen District Elderly Community Centre’s project on Home Maintenance for the Elderly. This project mainly focused on:


  1. To provide a safe and comfortable living environment for the elderly who are in need.
  2. To promote loving and caring for those in need in the society, so that the elderly will feel the volunteers’ love and care.
  3. Let volunteers experience the needs and wants of elderly living alone and improve communication between the two parties. Then, the volunteers may provide more effective and thoughtful services in the future.
  4. To encourage people to participate in charitable works, to be morally educated and to raise the social awareness of the weak in our community.