About Us

Established in 1998, A.J.R. Charitable Foundation Limited is a non-profit making and non-government aided charitable organization. Our fund raising comes from community donation and the fun raised will be passed to the community of Hong Kong, especially to the elderly.

The source of our fund comes from public generosity to sustain our on-going projects and support to those in need. With no administrative cost involved, all applications’ requests and follow-up services are carried out by our founders, directors and ambassadors.

On top of offering monetary assistance, we visit the applicants to express our care and support and to understand their needs.

We have also set up a “Wishes Come True” program, the goal is to make the wishes for the elderly and patients come true for them. We welcome the applicants to connect with us directly to share your dreams.

Our foundation will like to increase the awareness of our community’s care for the elderly, not only in the support of material goods, and also in the support of the emotional aspects. Together, we create a caring society.

As aging in Hong Kong is an upcoming trend, the elderly will need more medical services and support, especially for the chronic patients. In view of this, A.J.R. will also assist the elderly patients in the sponsorship of medicine and medical supplies, like wheel chairs, hearing aids etc.